Task reminder push notifications

While you can change your email notification preferences within the Patient IO app, you may want to change your push notification preferences for Patient IO through your phone's OS.

For iOS (iPhone) users:

These settings can be changed from your phone's settings menu. Tap the Settings app on your phone and then tap Notifications. Scroll down to select the Patient IO app and modify your settings per your personal preferences. 

For Android users (note that Android settings differ based on phone and OS version): 

Go to your phone's settings and select either "Notifications" or "Sounds & Notifications." After this step, you may also need to tap on "App Notifications" depending your version of Android. Once you see a list of apps, scroll down to Patient IO, and choose which notifications you'd like to enable. 

The screenshot above is from an Android 6.0 Marshmallow phone. 

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